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Planning Tools

There are many products and websites, including some with paid subscriptions, that

provide forms and guidance to help you with your end-of-life planning.


The Conversation Project

Provides a guide for how to have a conversation about your end-of-life wishes.

Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness care

Helps healthcare organizations educate patients about health care choices.

End-of-Life terms

It's hard to make decisions about your end-of-life care if you don't know the meaning of medical and legal terms. This glossary will give you information you need to create your own care plan.


There are many wonderful and helpful books about death and dying.  A good place to start is with these two books by medical doctors.

Gawande, Atul, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, Metropolitan Books, 2014.


Kalanithi, Paul, When Breath Becomes Air,

 Random House, 2016.

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